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Plenbo Tech

Plenbo Family Pack

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G-CASE (with magnetic module battery and Bluetooth)X1

Grips X3

ONEDOCK (with type-c cable)X1

Adapter X1

Magnetic module battery X1

Travel Plug kit X1

Carry case X1

Pre-sale, shipping in November!


Customer Reviews

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Leveled up my gaming experience to the next level!

Firstly, I would like to praise the team behind Plenbo Tech, for being very responsive towards my email enquiry regarding when my order will be shipped, as well as the color of choice of the G-Case! Although it was delayed, the team responded to my email and gave an update on the latest status.

When I received the family pack today, I unbox it immediately and what surprised me was the amount of effort being put into designing of the packaging, and the Family pack itself!

Not to forget to mention that it packed with lots of features such as having 2 modular battery packs, 3 different sets of interchangeable grips, removable and detachable side controllers, the onedock as well as having a dedicated usb-c cable, to allow me to charge my other devices with the battery pack! So convenient for me to bring them anywhere for the best gaming experience!

I totally liked the design / color / aesthetics of the G-Case! Comfort wise is also very awesome! Loving how comfortable the grips were designed to be held for extended gameplay sessions!

Its also very convenient for me to interchange between handheld mode and tabletop mode! Impressive!!

Kudos to the Plenbo Tech team for the hardwork and dedication to the G Case family pack!!