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Plenbo Tech

G-Case: All-In-One Gaming Case for Switch & OLED

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Everything you need: Modular Battery | Interchangeable Grips | Detachable Joy-Con Case | Extra Card Slots | Low Latency | and more.



Magnetic Modular Battery X1

Interchangeable Grips X3

Manual X1

Pre-sale, shipping in November!


Customer Reviews

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Backed it, but was missing a rubber foot

The only reason I'm docking a star is because one of the little triangle feet at the bottom of the case was missing. ASIDE FROM THAT, everything works very well. There was hardly any packaging, great for the environment and easy cleanup to boot. Got the white-styled family pack (Though I personally call it the Pro Pack), came with a second battery, and both appeared to already be charged. It fit my OLED Switch perfectly, and the design for the grips were pretty smart. The Bluetooth 5.0 has hardly any latency when I tried it with my pods. The grips are interchangeable and the attachments make a decent Joy-Con grip when put together. Decent weight to the console when it's on which makes the whole deal feel like it means business. I like that it has its own stand but it only sits at one angle so I'll likely only use that feature when it's set up with the One-Dock. I don't have a PS5 controller to try with the adapter yet but I'll give it a shot as soon as I can grab one.

All in all, a great case to use. The flaw is hardly noticeable and future shipments will likely come with both feet on the ground. With this case and everything inside it, I can bring my Switch anywhere, play on any screen, and I'll never have to worry about any devices running out of battery as long as I keep the externals charged.

Cenobio martinez
Have not received

Asked for a review but i have not received the case yet

Hi Cenobio, We have checked that your order was shipped out on Sep 28th. Please kindly check your order information.