About Us

Who are we? 

Plenbo was founded by a group of young people who love video games.
Our idea for the G-Case emerged when we realized that most gaming accessories are designed by engineers, not gamers. No one knows users' needs better than they do, right? Besides being gamers, we are designers, engineers, purchasing managers, and more. 

What makes us different? 

We are part of users community as well. Our in-depth communication with G-Case users and the accumulation of various problems we encounter every day motivate us to make changes, explore a new way of life together with users, break free from the shackles and labels of contemporary society, and be yourself no matter what trend you follow. 

Why Plenbo? 

We are also users like you. In the same way you love games, freedom, and life, we do as well. We understand users, and users choose us.
As an emerging brand, Plenbo cannot yet give a perfect answer; however, as you continue to select Plenbo and communicate with us, Plenbo has the confidence to win your trust. 

Plenbo, co-created with you.